Freelance Data Scientist Thomas Wood

Freelance NLP Data Science Consultant. I Help Organizations Extract Value From Unstructured Data. Natural Language Processing. Certified Microsoft Azure Data Scientist Associate.


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How I became a Freelance Data Scientist

My journey to data science as a freelancer, and what I offer organizations.

Experienced freelance data scientist specialized in natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning. Completed a Masters in NLP at the University of Cambridge. Worked at major companies like Tesco, Boehringer Ingelheim, and CV-Library. Handles projects of all sizes with complex datasets, particularly in text analysis. Utilizes cutting-edge deep learning technologies.

I assist companies in extracting valuable information from unstructured text datasets, such as survey responses, reports, and records. As a freelance data scientist , I offer coding expertise and strategic guidance to help clients maximize the potential of their datasets. This includes statistical analysis, machine learning model development, and deployment of AI predictive models. I also handle engineering tasks like creating web apps and dashboards.

My Expertise as a Data Science Freelancer

Which customers are likely to switch to a competitor? Product recommendations? Unstructured text or image data? As a data science freelancer I can come on board and advise on your organisation's data strategy.


Natural language processing

Unstructured text data such as large databases of reviews, job descriptions, dating site profiles, CVs, reports, contracts, scientific papers. Categorising documents, clustering, topic discovery, matching CVs to jobs, dating recommendations and more.


Cloud Machine Learning

Experienced in Azure, Google and Amazon cloud machine learning products. I can advise on data strategy and developing a data science capacity in your organisation.


Predictive analytics

Churn prediction, lifetime value, recommendation systems. Predicting vehicle transit times. Predicting customer spend, website traffic and other seasonal effects.


Conversion optimisation

Machine learning can optimise your website and customer journey. Get in touch to find out how you can improve customer conversions using AI without losing valuable customer data.

Machine Learning, NLP and Data Science Freelancer in London, UK

I can provide expert consulting services for your organisation as a freelance data scientist. Check out my profile on LinkedIn and past customers' testimonials on Google ★★★★★ , Clutch ★★★★★ and Upwork ★★★★★ .