Thomas Wood, freelance data scientist in London, UK. Speciality area: natural language processing (NLP)

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Freelance Data Scientist Thomas Wood

I am a freelance data scientist, available for consulting engagements especially around NLP (natural language processing). I help organisations extract value from unstructured data.

If you have a large amount of text documents (examples include but are not limited to pharmaceutical regulatory documents, legal caseloads, credit reports), and would like to understand how this can benefit your organisation, and even quantify the benefit before getting started, please contact me or add me on LinkedIn. I will not just put your data into GPT-4 and send you a huge invoice!

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Thomas Wood's GitHub Stats, Rank: B-Total Stars Earned: 2, Total Commits in 2023 : 2, Total PRs: 7, Total Issues: 36, Contributed to (last year): 28Thomas Wood's GitHub StatsB-Total Stars Earned: 2 Total Commits (2023): 1.4k Total PRs: 7 Total Issues: 36 Contributed to (last year): 28