Past clients

I work with clients all over the world. So far in 2020 my clients have hailed from the following countries (accurate as of August 2020):


I have also focused on healthcare and pharmaceuticals but I am open to working in a range of industries.

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Examples of projects

Some of the projects I have worked on in the past include:

  • An unsupervised learning model to identify recurring topics and errors in the manufacturing and supply chain processes of a multinational company. The errors were written in plain English or the local language of each facility.
  • A neural network based model to extract structured data and statistics from clinical trial protocols.
  • A predictive model using neural networks to deduce attributes of jobseekers’ CVs, deployed on a recruitment company’s website.
  • A predictive model for customers’ online purchases, for a UK retailer.
  • A recommender system to recommend jobs to candidates.
  • A model to predict the unloading time of vehicles, used to improve accuracy of logistics planning for grocery deliveries.
  • A convolutional neural network based face recognition system, built for Android, iOS and desktop apps and used for biometric security.
  • A voice controlled smart home application.

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