Here is my résumé which I use for work as a freelance data scientist. I have been working in data science since 2008.

You can download a copy of my résumé for freelance data science work in PDF format here.

freelance data scientist Thomas Wood
Freelance data scientist Thomas Wood résumé

Professional profile 

  • Data scientist available for freelance data science contracts and consulting work. 
  • Experience in running machine learning projects with complex requirements and international teams of developers, from data gathering to deployment. 
  • >10 years of data science on résumé.
  • Specialising in two major areas of AI: Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing. 
  • NLP (natural language processing): spoken and written dialogue systems, information retrieval, document classification. 
  • Deep learning, image processing, convolutional neural networks for both images and text. 
  • International experience: several years in Spain and Germany and fluent command of several European languages. 
  • Certified by Microsoft as Azure Data Scientist Associate. 


  • Python, R, Java, C++, Flask  
  • Machine learning: TensorFlow, Scikit-Learn, Weka, Spark MLlib, Docker, Scipy, Numpy, Azure ML, AWS, Google Cloud Platform, GPUs and GPU clusters. 
  • Experience developing for: Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix, Android. 
  • NLP: OpenNLP, NLTK, Stanford NLP, BERT/ELMO, LSTM, Convolutional Neural Networks, Spacy. 

Career summary – freelance data scientist résumé

Data Scientist (consultant) – Fast Data Science Ltd / various
Predictive models for staff attrition and staff training outcomes for NHS employees and for criminal cases.  
Feb 2020-present 
Data Scientist (contractor) Boehringer Ingelheim, Ingelheim am Rhein, Germany/London
Major European pharmaceutical company. Developed predictive model in TensorFlow using GPU for clinical trial protocols. Processing of highly domain specific texts.  
Apr 2019-Feb 2020 
Data Scientist (contractor) Tesco plc, London, UK
Designed, developed, trained and deployed two large scale machine learning solutions. Vehicle route planning for 4000 stores around the UK. Order prediction for 15 million home shopping customers based on purchase history.  
Apr 2018-Mar 2019 
Data Scientist CV-Library, London, UK
Principal data scientist at job board with 12 million jobseekers. Developed recommender system for sending job alerts to candidates, with 9% conversion rate. Trained deep learning models (CNN, RNN, LSTM, word2vec, seq2seq) to analyse candidates’ résumés and job descriptions, using Google GPU instances. Deployed model to analyse candidates’ résumés in real time when they register, giving better candidate experience and a lower bounce rate on the registration form.  
Apr 2017-Mar 2018      
Computer Vision Scientist — Veridium, Oxford, UK
Managed a project to develop neural network face recogniser. Trained convolutional neural networks with TensorFlow, able to classify images such as fingerprints or pharmaceutical pill bottles. Designed and patented cryptographic measures to protect biometric data. 
Oct 2015-Mar 17   
Knowledge Engineer / Pre-sales consultant Artificial Solutions UK, Barcelona, Spain
Developed human-like dialogue systems for use on mobile and in consumer electronics. 
May 2011-Oct 2015 
Solution architect — Pattern Science AG, near Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Machine learning for monitoring market sentiment 
Aug 2009-Mar 2011 
Research assistant / Teaching assistant — Psychology Dept., Birkbeck College, London
Analysed and processed MRI data sets using Matlab and Perl. 
Sep 2008-Jul 2009 
Research assistant European Synchrotron Radiation Facility, Grenoble, France
Simulated X-ray scattering on atoms using Mathematica. 
Jul-Aug 2006 
Research assistant — Center for Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, Maribor, Slovenia
Publication: Testing adiabatic invariance in separatrix crossing (Robnik & Wood, 2006). 
Jul-Aug 2005 

Education and qualifications 

MPhil Computer speech, text and internet technology University of Cambridge 
Research project: pronoun resolution with semi-supervised machine learning. Speech recognition/synthesis, linguistics, language modelling. Machine learning. Information retrieval and relationship extraction from unstructured text. 
Sep 2007-Jul 08 
MSc Physics, 1st class Hons. University of Durham, UK
Research project: simulations of Raman scattering. 
Sep 2003-Jul 07 
4 A Levels, 2 AS Levels — all at grade A (highest possible grade)
A Levels: Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics, Latin. 
Jul 2003 

Other skills on my freelance data scientist résumé

🇪🇸 Spanishfluent
🇩🇪 Germanfluent
🇫🇷 Frenchfluent
🇨🇳 Mandarincertified level HSK 2
🇷🇺 Russianconversational

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