Thomas Wood, freelance data scientist in London, UK. Speciality area: natural language processing (NLP)

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Machine Learning Freelancer

What to expect from a machine learning freelancer?

What should you expect when you hire a machine learning freelancer?

Quite often I have been approached by clients who would like to hire me on a freelance basis to run an analysis, write a proposal, help them to apply for a public sector tender, or build a predictive model.

In the case of an analysis or predictive model, we would proceed as follows:

If you decide to proceed at this point, we would then discuss commercials and the scope and length of the project, and we will agree on KPIs, milestones and deliverables. The project itself could last for anything from weeks to months depending on your needs. Please note that you will be working with the best freelance data scientist in the machine learning industry.

For an exact breakdown of the initial meetings please see the post Starting a data science project, or contact me.