I offer a range of consulting and implementation solutions in Data Science, Machine Learning, including Deep Learning, and Artificial Intelligence.

If you would like to start I can assist at various points in your project

  • Data strategy consulting – are you starting out on a data-intensive venture and would like a roadmap of what to do with your data, so that the transition to AI will be smoother?
  • Data analytics – I can analyse your data and produce reports, conclusions, help to develop a business strategy, perform statistical tests, identify where machine learning could be of use…
  • Machine learning consulting – sharing my experience in machine learning/AI with your organisation
  • Deploying machine learning models – bringing a machine learning model to production, where it is delivering value to your business
  • Training teams – upskilling your data science team
  • Public sector procurement – applying for tenders in the machine learning/AI space

If you would like assistance or advice in one of these areas please get in touch with me. I can come to your organisation as a freelancer and bring the value of my 12 years in data science.

Further information is also available about

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